How to Sell More as an Artist or Designer (Society6, RedBubble, Etsy)

How to Sell More as an Artist or Designer (Society6, RedBubble, Etsy)

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In this chapter, we will focus on one of the main aspects that you have to consider... your website. As an artist, you are your Brand, and as a Brand, you should own at least a domain name with your nickname or full name, so if you don't have it go now and register your or

Here you can do it for just $8.88 a year

Because if you are only putting your effort in Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube) or in Marketplaces (Society6, RedBubble, Etsy) you don't have full control over your fans/followers and potencial clients, any of these services can decide to cancel your account, or change the rules and stop showing your posts to your followers and suddenly all the hours that you put building your account worth nothing. So you have to build your own website and start building your audience/followers there, where you can have control over it :)

How to do that?
Easy, in the past, you had to hire a web designer or web developer, but now you have web builder services like Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress. We will focus on Wix.

What you can do in Wix as an Artist:

  • You can have all your portfolio listed there
  • You can have a shopping cart to sell you artworks from there
  • You can list your products from different marketplaces all in one place so then when you share your link on Instagram, for example, you can use just one link.
  • You can offer your visitors to sign up to a newsletter and contact them every time you have news about new artworks.

Here you have a list of websites built using Wix by Artists and Designers to get inspired:

Hollie Fuller

Hollie’s simple, yet noteworthy, website is filled with GIFs and illustrations she’s created with her talented hands. If you’re looking to make your website flow with a coordinated brand-focus vibe, a view at her curated website design will certainly help. This is because of her apparent style which is visible through her illustrations and consistent theme of colors throughout. One other component that makes her branding efforts complete is the addition of an Instagram Feed on her about page.

Designer porfolio examples: Hollie Fuller


This freelancer’s animated logo designed welcome page will most likely leave you breathless, and also clicking replay over and over again. And again. It’s created on the basis that first impressions really do count, by displaying this impressive introduction as a standard for the work that they hope to offer their clients.

Designer porfolio examples: Loopick

The Alien Perspective

Many features of this website will motivate you to make yours just as special. First, the homepage uses parallax scrolling to give off the illusion of a three-dimensional website. Next, this page is split up into noticeably bold categories to represent the different elements of her work. Lastly, the unique contact page is broken out into three ways you can get in touch, depending on your prerogative.

Portfolio website examples: The Alien Perspective


Sasha Pivovarova

The opening video of Sasha’s website is the ultimate way to build up anticipation. This feature alone left us awestruck. Her use of white space contrasted with black clothing and black ink is perfectly suited to mesmerize visitors. If you can find a way to hold your visitors’ attention through build-up while slowly revealing certain elements, they will form a connection with you right off the bat.

Portfolio website examples: Sasha Pivovarova

June Digan

June’s work is beautifully detailed in a hand-drawn, colorful fashion. One way she compliments this is through her personalized, hand-written logo. Another way is by giving each piece the attention it deserves with the right balance of white space for contrast. It’s evident that this designer and illustrator knows how to display each screen with beauty and simplicity. One of the best examples of that is her clear attention to the above the fold content. On the top portion of the screen, before you scroll, you’ll only see a couple of basic (but important) items: a background image, her name, title, signature logo, and menu.

Designer porfolio examples: June Digan

Well now that you have seen the amazing things that you can do lets start, here you have a video tutorial on how to start building your website with WIX, we recommend opening first Wix in another tab so you can follow the steps of the video as you watch.

Open Wix in new a tab

Click here to start building your site


In our next chapter we will be writing about:

  • How to promote your products
  • How to find trends and good nitches for designs
  • How to find good keywords for Society6, Redbubble and Etsy